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WebDAV Server
Engine for .Net

Add WebDAV support to your ASP.NET application in minutes using Visual Studio Wizard.

IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine can publish data from database, file system or virtually any other storage. The engine supports all RFC 2518 and RFC 4918 compliant WebDAV clients (like MS Web Folders, MS Office, MAC OS X, Konqueror, Gnome Nautilus etc), resumable upload, DeltaV versioning, Quota, security authentication protocols and SSL encryption. more...

WebDAV Client
Library for .Net

Using IT Hit WebDAV Client library you can copy, move and delete items, read and set custom properties, upload and download files, lock items and discover locks.

The library supports file check-out / check-in and versions tracking according to DeltaV standards, any security authentication protocols supported by .Net Framework and SSL encryption. The library is provided with Sample explorer-like WebDAV browser that can be used as a powerful upload and download manager. more...

Ajax Front-End User
Interface for WebDAV

Using Ajax File Browser you can open documents for editing directly from server and save back in a SharePoint-like manner, without download / upload steps.

You can jump to default OS file manager from web UI and manage files using desktop tools. more...